KwePack: Indigenous Women’s Wellness, More Than Just a Running Group





Community (affiliation):

Ojibwe, various

About this story: Our group functions as a support group and also promotes health and wellness. We understood that as a group we needed to stay active and reach out to our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. We knew that as leaders for our families and communities we couldn’t just do nothing. We wanted to share the message that health and wellness would be the priority to keep our families safe during this crisis.

We had to be innovative and creative in order to stay active as a group but also follow CDC guidelines of social distancing. We tried to hold true to our values of protecting our elders by not meeting in large groups and only meeting when it was safe to do so. The majority of our work before the pandemic was gathering together in large groups and community gatherings. So we had to adapt to smaller groups and even staying active alone or with just our family pods. We had to practice these values ourselves and also share that with others to inspire them to do the same.

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The music on the end of the video is credited to The Halluci Nation. The title of the song is, “Electric Powwow Drum”. This is also listed in the video credits. The voice narrating the video is Michelle Defoe.

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